As an expert seller on Savio, sometimes you may want to work with other experts to complete larger projects. You can do this in Savio by submitting a proposal for the larger project, then creating another project for the portions of the larger project that you want to hire another expert to complete.

However, Savio does not allow those projects to be managed together or merged. There is no official connection in Savio between the two projects. You are responsible for managing and paying the expert for the smaller project, as well as communicating and submitting final deliverables to the project owner for the larger project.

Each project has its own separate Savio project chat room. These cannot be merged or combined, so it may be necessary to share information with both projects or pass information between the project owner of the larger project and the expert you hired for the smaller project.

To hire another expert to complete part of a larger project:

  1. Submit a proposal for a large project.
  2. Create a new project for the portions of the project you want to hire another expert to complete.
  3. Invite other experts to submit proposals for your project.
  4. Review the submitted proposals and accept a proposal.
  5. Communicate with the project owner of the large project while simultaneously communicating with the expert of your project to complete the stated work for the large project.
  6. Submit invoices to the project owner of the large project.
  7. Pay invoices submitted to you from the expert of your project.