Savio is a global, multi-platform marketplace application connecting research buyers with research experts on demand who can assist with any part of the research cycle and help deliver the service missing from online insights tools.

With your Savio account, you can buy market research services from verified experts, or become an expert and sell your services to others. You can both buy and sell services with a single account. 

  • As a buyer of market research services on Savio, you can create and manage projects, search for and hire experts, communicate and share files with experts, and send payments to hired experts.
  • As a seller of market research services, you can create an expert profile that is searchable by project owners looking for talent with specific market research expertise. When invited, you may chat with project owners to clarify project details, submit proposals for projects, communicate and share files with project owners, and submit invoices to get paid.

The general process for completing a project in Savio is:

  1. The buyer creates and defines a project. They are the project owner.
  2. The project owner finds talent to invite to their project. They can either manually search and select experts to invite, or have Savio recommend experts to invite based on the project details.
  3. The experts receive an invitation to submit a proposal for the project.
  4. The experts review the project details and the project owner's profile and prepare and submit a proposal.
  5. The project owner reviews the proposals they receive and accepts or declines each proposal.
  6. Once accepted, the project owner and expert communicate and collaborate with each other using Savio's project management tools to complete the project.
  7. The expert submits an invoice to the project owner to be paid. This may be done once at the completion of a project, or multiple times throughout the project as agreed upon by the project owner.
  8. The project owner sends a payment to the expert. The payment is added to the expert's account balance.
  9. The expert may then request a payout to have money sent to their PayPal account, or keep the money in their account balance and use it to pay other experts for other projects.

Savio was developed by GreenBook, the market research industry media company behind the GRIT Report, the GreenBook Blog, the IIeX conference series, the GreenBook Directory and more. Our mission is to connect marketers and market researchers with people, information, and ideas that generate big results. To learn more, visit