A payment is initiated when a project owner sends a payment to an expert. The My Payments tab of the Finances page shows all incoming and outgiong payments to your account.

To view a list of payments made and received:

  1. Choose Finances from the left navigation menu.
  2. Choose the My Payments tab. A list of all payments sent to and from your account is displayed.

For each payment listed on My Payments, the following information is provided:

  • ID. A randomly-generated unique identifier for the invoice. An icon is also displayed here to indicate the status of the invoice.
  • Project. The name of the project to which the invoice is applied.
  • From. The profile name (individual or company name) of the project owner that sent the payment.
  • To. The profile name (individual or company name) of the expert to which the payment was sent.
  • Amount. The amount of the payment.
  • Created At. The date the payment was iniitiated. If the payment was made using a bank account or credit card, the funds are added to the expert's account balance immediately. 

Click on a payment to view speciic details about that payment, including the ID of the invoice it was paid from, total amount, and payment date. The information displayed for a payment differs slightly depending on whether it was a payment you made or a payment you received.