An invoice is sent to a project owner by an expert to request payment for work performed on a project. All of your past and current invoices--both those you sent and those you received--are shown on the My Invoices tab of the Finances page.

To view a list of invoices sent and received:

  1. Choose Finances from the left navigation menu.
  2. Choose the My Invoices tab. A list of all invoices sent to and from your account is displayed.

For each invoice listed on My Invoices, the following information is provided:

  • ID. A randomly-generated unique identifier for the invoice. An icon is also displayed here to indicate the status of the invoice.
  • Project Name. The name of the project to which the invoice is applied.
  • From. The profile name (individual or company name) of the expert that prepared and submitted the invoice.
  • To. The profile name (individual or company name) of the project owner to which the invoice was sent.
  • Billed. The amount billed to the project owner on the invoice.
  • Paid. The amount that has been paid on the invoice by the project owner.
  • Due Date. The due date on the invoice submitted to the project owner.
  • Submitted At. The date the invoice was submitted to the project owner.

Click on an invoice to view specific details about that invoice, including the line item details and history of payments made for that invoice. From the invoice details page, you can send a payment or decline payment on the invoice, or initiate a dispute.