To submit a proposal for a project, a project owner must first invite you to bid on their project. When you receive an invitation to submit a proposal, you will receive a notification in the Savio notification bar and an email is sent to the email address associated with your Savio account. The notification will include the name of the project owner, which profile (your individual profile or a company profile) is invited to submit a proposal, and the name of the project.

Your proposal is your opportunity to sell your services to the project owner. Be as complete as possible. Your proposal should include a statement of work, final deliverables, expected timeline, and payment terms (how much and when payments would be expected). You may communicate with the project owner during the proposal process using the Savio project chat room if you have questions or require clarifications.

To view a project and submit a proposal:

  1. Log in to your Savio account.
  2. Click on the notifications icon in the upper right. New notifications are displayed in a pop-up menu. If the invitation to bid notification is not displayed, click All Notifications to view all of your notifications.
  3. Click on the notification that your profile has been invited to bid on a project. The project summary is displayed.
  4. Click See Project to view the project details. The Project page is displayed. The project is also added to the My Jobs tab of your Projects page.
  5. Choose Show Details to view the details of the project. The project details area expands to display the project description and other project information, such as the budgeted rate, required skills and technologies, and expected start and finish dates.
  6. Review the project details. If you have any questions about the project, you may send them to the project owner using the Savio project chat room
  7. When you are ready to submit a proposal for the project, choose Send Proposal. The Send Proposal dialog appears.
  8. In Proposal Type, select whether your proposal is Fixed Cost or Per Hour. A Fixed Cost proposal means that your bid is a single price to complete the entire project as described. A Per Hour proposal means you are bidding for an hourly rate.
  9. In Fixed Cost or Rate Per Hour, enter your proposed fixed cost or hourly rate for the project. This is the bid amount that the company will see when reviewing proposals.
  10. In Details, enter additional information about what you will do for the project and why they should choose your proposal.
  11. If desired, click the + to add a file to the proposal. This could be a Word, PDF, or PowerPoint version of your proposal, or samples of similar projects for the project owner to review when making their decision. You may add additional files, as desired.
  12. Choose Send to submit the proposal. The proposal is sent to the project owner. You will receive a notification when the project owner makes a decision about your proposal.