If you do not have a bank account or credit card associated with your profile (individual or company), you may send payment to an expert by sending a check to Savio. You will be given instructions to mail a check to Savio. When Savio receives your check, funds will be added to your profile's balance. You can then use the funds in your balance to send payment to the expert.

To send payment via check:

  1. In Payment Method, choose Mail Check.
  2. Choose Pay $X by Check. The Pay By Check dialog appears.
  3. Pay By Check gives instructions on how to write your check and where to mail it. Follow the instructions given to write a check payable to Savio and mail it to the address provided.
  4. Choose Check back in 2-5 days to confirm that you are mailing a check.
  5. When Savio receives your check, the funds will be placed in your profile's account balance.