When an expert submits a proposal to one of your projects, you are notified in three ways:

  • a new notification on the Savio notification bar in the upper right
  • a red circle indicating updates are available next to the project in My Projects
  • an email notification sent to the email address associated with your Savio account

The quickest way to view a proposal is to click on the notification in the notification bar. However, you may also view the proposal through the My Projects tab of your Projects page (see Viewing My Projects).

To view and respond to a proposal submitted by an expert:

  1. Select Projects from the left navigation menu.
  2. Select the My Projects tab to view a list of projects owned by your individual profile or one of your company profiles. Projects that have updates have a number in a red circle to the left of the project name.
  3. Click on a project name to view the project page. The project page is displayed, showing basic information about the project and the Savio project chat room.
  4. A list of experts that have been invited to bid on the project is shown on the left side of the Project page. A number in a gray circle is shown to the right of the expert's name if there are new notifications or messages from that expert.
  5. Select an expert to view recent notifications and communications from that expert. These may be questions or responses from the expert, recent actions taken by the expert relating to the project, or project proposals. Each communication or notification also has a date and time stamp to indicate when it was sent.
  6. If there is a proposal from the expert, click the Review Proposal button to view their proposal. The Proposal dialog appears.
  7. Review the cost and details provided in the proposal. A proposal may also contain file attachments that you may want to review.
  8. If you have questions for the expert, you can send them using the Savio project chat room.
  9. Choose Accept to accept the proposal from the expert. The expert is moved from the Pending tab to the Accepted tab of the Project page.


    Choose Decline to decline the proposal. The expert is moved from the Pending tab to the Declined tab of the Project page.

    Note: Click the X in the upper-right corner of the Proposal dialog to close it without making a decision on the proposal. You can return later to accept or decline the proposal.