Once the project owner accepts your proposal for a project, you are able to mark milestones complete as you finish them. Marking a milestone as complete tells the project owner that you believe that milestone is finished. The project owner can then approve the milestone and accept it as complete, or decline it and keep it as incomplete.

You can also change the completion of a milestone from complete to incomplete if it has not yet been approved. However, after the project owner has accepted the milestone, you are unable to change the completion status of a milestone.

Marking milestones as complete can help to track the progress of a project and aid communication with the project owner. Whenever a milestone is marked as complete or approved, a notification is sent to the project chat log.

To mark a milestone as complete:

  1. Select Projects from the left navigation menu.
  2. Select the My Jobs tab. My Jobs shows a list of projects for which you or one of your companies has been invited to bid or accepted as an expert.
  3. Click on a project name. The project page displays information about the selected project. The project milestones are listed in a checkbox format on the left side of the project page, with checkboxes to the left of each milestone name. 
  4. Select the checkbox to the left of the milestone name to indicate that milestone is complete. When you mark a milestone complete, a checkmark in a black box is placed in the checkbox.

Note: Deselecting the checkbox marks the milestone as incomplete and removes the checkmark from the checkbox.