Users are assigned some level of permissions when they are initially invited and join a team. These permissions can later be modified by a team member that has Can manage company permissions.

To change a team member's permissions for the company:

  1. Select My Profile from the left navigation menu.
  2. Select the name of the company profile for which you want to manage team member permissions. The company profile expands to list the various screens for that company profile.
  3. Select Team under the company name to view the Team page of the company profile.
  4. In the list of Members, hover over the Permissions icons for the member whose permissions you want to modify. An Edit link appears to the right of the permissions icons.
  5. Choose Edit. Change Permissions appears.
  6. Select Can manage projects if you want the user to have permission to create, edit, and publish projects and accept and negotiate proposals. Deselect it to remove this permission.
  7. Select Can manage finances if you want the user to have permission to pay invoices and manage the company's bank accounts and credit cards. Deselect it to remove this permission.
  8. Select Can manage company if you want the user to have permission to invite other users to be team members, remove users as team members, or manage the permissions of team members. Deselect it to remove this permission.
  9. Choose Submit to save the new permissions for the team member.