A project is a unit of work that needs to be completed. You can use Savio to search for and hire experts to help with your market research projects. By posting a project in Savio, you can invite experts to submit proposals for the project, or request Savio to recommend experts based on the details of the project.

When creating a new project, complete all applicable tabs for the project. Any changes made in a tab are not saved until you click Save & Continue. Be sure to click Save & Continue on each tab to save any changes made on that tab.

To post a new project:

  1. Select Projects from the left navigation menu to go to the Projects page.
  2. Select the My Projects tab to view a list of projects for which one of your profiles (either your individual profile or one of the company profiles associated with your account) is the Project Owner.
  3. Select the New Project button to create a new project. If there is one or more company profile associated with your account, the New Project page is displayed.
    • Select which of your profiles is the Project Owner. The Project Owner is the profile that has management and payment responsibilities for the project. When experts are invited to submit proposals for the project, the selected profile is shown as the Project Owner. This selection is permanent and cannot be changed later.
    • Choose Continue. The Basic tab of the Project / Edit page is displayed.
  4. In Project Name, enter a short descriptive title for your project.
  5. In Project Description, provide additional details about your project. This should describe the goals, business objectives, and expected deliverables for the project.
  6. Click Save & Continue to save the settings and navigate to the next tab. The Project Details tab of the Project / Edit page is displayed.

Note: The project is not posted and experts are not invited until you review the project details and agree to the Savio terms and conditions on the Review tab of the Project / Edit page.