The Pitch is your sales pitch to project owners about why they should invite you to submit a proposal for their project. Use this space to describe your skills and experience and the services that you are offering. Your pitch is shown to project owners when they view your profile.

Note: Pitch is required to submit an application to become a verified expert.

To enter your pitch:

  1. Select My Profile from the left navigation menu.
  2. Select the desired profile:
    • Select your name for your individual profile; or,
    • Select the name of the desired company.
  3. Select Pitch from the list of profile screens under the desired profile name.
  4. Type your pitch text in the provided text box. Your pitch should describe your background and service offerings.

    Note: Do not include hyperlinks to external websites in your pitch, as this is against the Savio terms and conditions

  5. Choose Save to save changes to your pitch.

Note: You must click Save to save any changes made to the current page. If you leave the page by selecting a different profile page or using the left navigation menu to go to a different page without first choosing Save, any changes made to the current page are lost.