Once you are invited to bid on a project, you may communicate with the project owner using the Savio project chat room. Use the chat room to direct questions to the project owner, respond to questions from the project owner, share files, or give status updates.

Each project has its own project chat room. The project chat room also provides quick access to any project files and a checklist of the project milestones.

The chat log on the right lists all project-related notifications and communications. Each entry has a time and date stamp that indicates when it was sent. Comments and notifications sent by you also display a single or double checkmark next to the time stamp. A single checkmark means the message or notification has been sent to the project owner, while a double checkmark means the project owner has read the message or notification.

To use the project chat room to communicate with the project owner:

  1. Select Projects from the left navigation menu.
  2. Select the My Jobs tab. My Jobs shows a list of projects you have been invited to bid on as an expert.
  3. Click on a project name. The project page displays information about the selected project. The chat log shows the most recent project-related notifications and communications.
  4. In Enter message, type the message you want to send to the project owner.
  5. If you want to share a file, click the paperclip icon and browse to and select the file to share.
  6. Choose Send to send the message and/or file to the project owner. The message is added to the chat log with a time and date stamp.