Your skills are an important part of your expert profile. Skills are a way to describe your background and experience in market research. Project owners can see all of your skills when viewing your profile, and can search for experts that possess specific skills when initiating new proects. Displaying your skills will substantially increase your chances of being invited to submit proposals and winning projects.

Skills are organized into logical skill groups and listed alphabetically. They represent experience or expertise in certain types of market research, market research methodologies, or certain steps in the market research process. Most of the skill groups have several skills listed underneath them. Click on the arrow to the left of the checkbox to expand the list of skills in a skill group. A search box is also available to search for a specific skill.

Note: You will be able to specify different rates for each skill when setting your default rates.

To add skills to your profile:

  1. Select My Profile from the left navigation menu.
  2. Select the desired profile:
    • Select your name to select your individual profile; or
    • Select the name of the desired company.
  3. Select Skills from the list of profile screens under the profile name. The Skills page displays a list of available skills.
  4. Select the checkbox next to each skill that you or your company possess. Some skill groups have skills listed beneath them. Click on the arrow to expand the skill group to show all of the related skills. Selecting the skill group automatically selects all of the related skills in that skill group.

    Note: You may also search for a specific skill by typing it in the search box. As you enter the skill name in the search box, the list of skills is filtered to show matching skills.

  5. Once you have selected all of your skills, choose Save to save your Skills list.

Note: You must click Save to save any changes made to the current page. If you leave the page by selecting a different profile page or using the left navigation menu to go to a different page without first choosing Save, any changes made to the current page are lost.