A company is a group or organization of one or more people that work together on market research projects. A company profile is similar to an individual profile, but may have multiple team members associated with it. Company profiles can buy market research services and apply to become a verified expert to sell market research services. Profile information, project chat rooms, and notifications are shared with all team members for the company.

You may have one or more company profiles associated with your Savio account.  Each profile has its own balance and associated payment methods (bank accounts and credit cards).

To add a new company profile to your Savio account:

  1. Select My Profile from the left navigation menu.
  2. Select Add Company from the bottom of the list of available profiles. The Add Company page is displayed.
  3. In Name, enter the name of your company.
  4. Choose Save. The company is added to your profile and the Basic Profile page for the company is displayed.

Note: A company may also be associated with your account by accepting an invitation from another Savio user to join their team.